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The Cancer Tool kit content is the collective experiences, knowledge and wisdoms derived from “The Globally Connected Patient and Caregiver.” A gift forward to the Newly Diagnosed Patient and Caregiver, from those who have successfully navigated the challenge in overcoming cancer.

Vital Priorities and Tasks simplified and packaged to Equip and Empower the Newly diagnosed. 

  1. A single Cancer tool Kit is a simple and to the point checklist of priorities and tasks that must be undertaken as soon as a diagnosis is received.
  2. A Community of Cancer Tool Kits (Series) is built around the newly Diagnosed Patient and Caregivers at its center.
  3. The Cancer Tool Kit Series is the Newly Diagnosed Patient’s Community strategy, plan and template that guides and synchronises all the individuals into one powerfully effective contribution effort.

There is significant power, perhaps magic within a community who move in harmony to achieve one common goal. 

A Peer to Peer Gift from Patient to Patient & Caregiver to Caregiver.
Delivering todays potentially curative and lifesaving knowledge today. Delivering the choices and opportunities directly into the hands of the newly diagnosed patient and caregiver. 

Kind Regards
Steve and Claire Holmes