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About the Cancer Tool Kits
Each Tool Kit is specifically designed for mobile devices while on the move. They are simple non technical and easy to engage and share. The Series of Tool Kits equip and empower the entire community that arises from one “Newly Diagnosed Patient”

Who should access these tool kits? 
The Newly Diagnosed Patient, and their community of Caregivers, family, friends, colleagues and more…

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One serious cancer diagnosis impacts many, we have the Experiences, Knowledge and Wisdoms. We know what a Newly Diagnosed Patient must do immediately after receiving a serious cancer diagnosis. We know what the Newly Diagnosed Patients Community must do.

The Cancer Tool Kit Series is the “conductor” that pulls a shocked community of impacted individuals into one curative and harmonious theme to provide the best possible outcomes. This empowers not only the patient, it also inspires and empowers the patients medical team.

Join us and our “Cancer Tool Kit” initiative. It was created because it was exactly what I (we) needed and I needed it immediately after receiving my diagnosis. This type of resource did not exist in 2016. Patients lives depend on this information resource, it represents a common thread of actions seen in those who survive, I know I am one of them.

The Tool Kit Series reflects the collective wisdoms and priorities of  a very transparent and current “Globally Connected Patient and Caregiver” a new phenomena that is only just beginning as it impacts better outcomes and curative treatments. 

Kind Regards
Steve (Patient )

Stephen Allan Gamble-Holmes