Cancer Toolkit for the Newly Diagnosed Patient

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Cancer Toolkit for the Newly Diagnosed Patient

Digital Interactive Mobile Toolkit for serious and terminal cancer patients
Highly targeted information for the Newly Diagnosed Patient –
Currently in beta mode and available at no cost via the home page button

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Priority must-do information
The Toolkit is specifically designed for the newly diagnosed patient, by successful and experienced patients.

How this toolkit helps you the patient

  1. A mobile checklist of must-do’s in priority order.
  2. Each checklist item has a fully interactive and easy-to-understand explanation.
  3. Access to new and updated toolkits for your caregiver, supporters, and family.
  4. Newsletter alert updates
  5. Access to the Steve Holmes story: Stage 4, Metastatic Terminal patient with just weeks if not days to live, to complete NED – includes excerpts from diary notes.

Newly diagnosed patients do not know what they do not know, this toolkit helps bridge that gap. It alerts and highlights choices that will help your decision-making.

  1. Oncologists and medical support teams do not typically provide this information in its entirety – we think they should provide this immediately after delivering a serious cancer diagnosis. Shared information provides pathways to the best outcomes.
  2. Today’s critical breakthrough information delivered TODAY will save lives.

This is a highly distilled and targeted grouping of patient information. A powerful support friend in your pocket – A collective of Knowledge Experience, and Wisdom of those who have been there before you.

This has taken 4 years to pull together so that I could help other patients benefit from not only my success and experience but I have also established friendships and learnings with many other successful patients.

Kind Regards
Steve Gamble-Holmes 


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