A Peer to Peer gift series.
The Collective Experiences, Knowledge and Wisdoms of the “Globally Connected Patient and Caregiver”

#1 Acceptance

Remove the spread of negativity to allow the opportunities.


  1. Reduces overwhelm, and negative occupation
  2. Resets understanding and allows repurposing
  3. Re-engages a new vision and control

Blame invites more negativity to invade the “Cells” of “thought”


Acceptance became an X-factor in my pathway back to becoming #UnCancered.

This was not something I was consciously aware of at the time. In that moment the sudden overwhelm from receiving a serious cancer diagnosis was so, so disorientating that it’s just not possible to think logically. This moment – a matrix type moment threw me into free fall from a cliff edge I did not know existed or could ever be prepared for. Free falling with no parachute, what could I possibly do in this moment?


I made a seriously good decision at the earliest opportunity, I made the decision not to get angry and not to fight this head on, I decided to accept, get alongside and begin learning. The learning started with learning about me and how I functioned, I had to become the best ME that I could possibly be if I was going to overcome or reach the best compromise.


I hit a reset that opened up my mind and allowed a willingness from deep within to flood back, coursing through my veins like warm sunshine. Somehow I had hope and opportunity despite the negative noise of stats and the absence of any proof.

I accepted my diagnosis, and somehow put death back in a box for another day. My mind was then freed to fill it with what I wanted, a better story that I was yet to write.


The scariest thing in going through the acceptance of a serious cancer diagnosis is the thought that I was “Giving in” or “Giving up.”

I was also very conscious of what signals I was sending to all those around me.  Acceptance became the most significant foundation, it set me on a pathway of possibilities and gave me a sense of control from within.


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