Thoughts from the nuclei of ‘The Globally Connected Patient

Is it possible to become Un-Cancered

Yes but realise that cancer is divided into 3 cells!


It’s accepting the new, it’s not giving up. Accepting allows the reset.


Willingness without proof or conditions is your purest resource – its powerful, it is transformational.

Creating a new Story

Ditch the old, sift out the gems and write a new and remarkable story. Set aside the stuffy pride, stick your neck out until it feels conspicuously exposed, and feel the remarkable. Write yourself into your remarkable not anyone else’s, turn on your childhood Dream Machine and slip into the magic of your dream mode. – It’s how we were all made and it’s massively important that you do this, and don’t stop keep fine tuning, become obsessed and allow the distraction to feed a new reality.

Yes I believe you can become “Un-Cancered,”

It’s a process of small stepping stones one at a time over time.

Overcoming cancer physically is one disease to overcome cancer mentally is another, yet both share the same process of discipline.

It is all centered around matters of the mind – your state of mind and it begins within.

Battle scars accumulate as proof of life not death. The pain of living is to be celebrated.

The Cancer beast raped me to within my last breath in the opportunity of life, could I be un-raped?

Cancer had pierced my aura, could I become Un-Cancered ?

Yes Steve just get back up take that next step and the one beyond that until momentum reaches out to embrace me, lifting me over and beyond the moment.

Tick Tiny Goals and Walk on Water – no matter how small or insignificant tick them off to own your momentum and begin to walk on water, to astound the naysayers and reach the safety of solid ground on the other side.

It will be remarkable, and it will be your remarkable through every fibre of your being, with an aura the envy of many!

This Video Clip may help

My Stepping Stones

  1. Acceptance
  2. Willingness
  3. My Story
  • Be a little unrealistic often and feed the dream and vision
  • Find & Do that One Thing then…
  • Be Remarkable at it
  • Be Resourceful with it
  • Add Value to it
  • Surround it all with people of character and talent, who can take it to the next level.

What was that one thing ?
To be the best and most successful Cholangiocarcinoma patient ever!
To do this I would need to Walk on Water to get back to the other side, back to solid ground – I would need to be the absolute best patient. A patient that inspired the experts to transcend and rise above and beyond the stats, to become part of a stunning success story.


The Globally Connected patient.

Stephen Allan Gamble-Holmes
The Globally Connected Patient


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