What is a Cancer Tool Kit by The Patient Collective

What is a Cancer Tool Kit by The Patient Collective

What is a Cancer Tool Kit and who needs them?

Newly Diagnosed Patients
Vital ‘Must Do’ Priorities that equip and empower them and all those impacted by their unexpected cancer diagnosis.

  1. Tool Kit content is sourced from Past and Present Patient – Caregiver knowledge, experiences and wisdoms – ” The Collective”
  2. The Collective knowledge is distilled into simple digital ‘Tool Kits’ of  ‘Must Do’ priorities and tasks to be used immediately upon diagnosis.
  3. A Tool Kit Series centralising and syncing the many around the one – a curative blueprint theme.

The majority are not equipped to deal with an unexpected cancer diagnosis. The Tool Kit series guides you through the overwhelm.

Such a simple and obvious concept, yet surprisingly overlooked.
Tool Kit’s do the thinking and guiding for those least able.
The momentum of many in sync around one curative plan is a powerful expression that often defies logic in it’s result.

Looking Forward

Inform-munotherapy aligns with the immunotherapy breakthroughs

  1. To equip and empower every first-line contact health provider with the Cancer Tool Kit Series.
  2. To ensure that all “Newly” Diagnosed Patients and their support network are equipped and empowered with the Tool Kit immediately after receiving a cancer diagnosis.
  3. Align the reach of Corporate and Government to embrace the simplicity of the Cancer Tool Kit to ensure it reaches those most in need.

The Value of any knowledge no matter how well shared or intended is in the simplification and actioning of it.

I see these Cancer Tool Kits as potentially lifesaving gifts of knowledge, passed forwarded from one patient to the next, empowering them to succeed.

Steve Holmes
The Patient Collective &
the ‘Cancer Tool Kit’

The Tool Kit idea originated from Steve Holmes’ need to create clarity and to develop clear, clean priorities that were available at his fingertips. The priorities and tasks needed to be mobile and flexible, something that could used and interacted while in the hospital bed, waiting rooms or on the couch at home. A Cancer 101 for dummies under pressure who knew nothing and did not have the capacity to research or learn. Something to get them started in the right direction immediately after diagnosis, something that fit all and did not interfere with the surgical or treatment options but instead enhanced them.

Each Kit is specifically tailored around all the different people impacted by a patient’s cancer diagnosis. They help prioritise the thinking and tasks required, they re-orientate and provide the road map and the tools necessary for the journey ahead. How to communicate to Children or Parents is just one challenge as they also require a Tool Kit tailored to their needs, to help guide them.
Tool Kits also guide you through the complications of informing your workplace and colleagues, and provides them with the guidance on how they can best help as part of a collective effort.

Shared information is powerful it removes uncertainty, it empowers and improves outcomes
The Tool Kits remove the vagaries that feed chaotic shadows. The Cancer Tool Kits facilitates empowerment.

Share this forward

Please share this to those most in need, also share with your local medical and health experts, and the corporates and workplaces who can influence positive change – these are the people at the coal face. The Cancer Tool Kit Series will empower their efforts.

We may not be able to stop people falling off cliffs but we can be ready at the bottom to give them “The Patient Collectives” Cancer Tool Kits, a gift of experience to set them on the right direction.

Kindest Regards

Steve and Claire
Patient & Caregiver
Founders of The Patient Collective and the Cancer Tool Kit.

Email team@thepatientcollective.com
Address to either “Claire” or “Steve”

Phone Claire +61431180783
Phone Steve +61415153522

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